The Wonderful World of Bag Tags

An item that is commonly overlooked when it comes to interesting and useful substrates is our double-sided, white gloss, bag tag. When you think of bag tags, the first thing you think is that they go great on your luggage but our customers have thought of other extremely creative ways to use them. It is an attractive way to keep up with yours and your families belongings. Customers love these for their children’s athletic bags because teams usually have identical bags that also carry similar equipment. Imagine trying to find one specific bag out of a whole pile of bags that all look the same, instead of unzipping each one to see if it belongs to your child, you could just add a bag tag and it would be easily distinguishable. That is why these are so great for team bags, plus you can make the theme or design go along with whatever sport they play, which is pretty neat. Our customers have come up with many new uses for this product. For adults, these tags can go on your briefcase, gym bags, computer cases, and beach bags and can be used as all-access passes to events, parking passes, and can even be decorative car mirror charms. Parents, for their kids, are using them as medical ID tags for food allergies, on lunchboxes and backpacks, and diaper bags. Having a tag on pre-school and elementary aged students backpacks and lunchboxes helps the children keep up with their things and it also helps the teachers know whose bag is whose in case of any confusion.

Football Bag Tag

Instead of the flimsy tags often used, these are made of a durable, fiberglass-reinforced plastic or Unisub aluminum and because they are sublimated, the image will not peel up over time and will not mess up if it gets wet, which is perfect for children. They come in several different rectangle sizes, they also come in other shapes such as circles, squares, cars, megaphones, and footballs. We carry two different kinds of straps, 9” clear plastic tie loops and 6” black leather straps with a gold tone buckle.

Bag Tag

Popular designs for these tags really go along with who is using them. Swim teams would most likely want a nautical themed tag for their bags while a college girl’s laptop case would probably have one with a monogram and cute floral pattern. Sports themes, school names, floral patterns, monograms, borders and stripes are very popular for these tags. Since they are double sided, the name or monogram will typically go on one side and (if desired) the contact information will go on the other in case the bag is misplaced.
Honestly, these come in handy for just about anything because there is nothing more frustrating than getting your things mixed up or misplacing something, knowing that if anyone finds it they will have no way of knowing how to get it back to you. Definitely worth the time and effort.

YETI® Huggers!

Keeping up with the trends of 2016, we now carry huggers for almost all of the insanely popular YETI® and equally trendy RTIC® cups, bottles, and tumblers. With a white surface adhered to an inner Neoprene rubber beverage insulator, decorating them is a possibility without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty like with other, non-removable decoration methods. These huggers also allow you to change the style of your Yeti and RTIC products quickly and easily! They come in all sizes and are a great way to personalize this super popular product. It also fits short and tall promotional cups as well as ice cream pints! They help keep your grip on the product, preventing any drops or slips that may damage your Yeti or spill your drink. These huggers enhance the style and provide extra comfort for extended use. We know that sublimation technology dyes the fabric instead of just printing an image on the surface, so the images on the huggers will last as long as the hugger itself. Some popular designs for these include monograms, names, logos for professional sports teams, and feminine patterns. Everyone wants the newest and trendiest accessories to help them stand out, this is the perfect product to give your Yeti that little bit of color and personality it’s been missing.

Back to School

back to school
That time of year that parents look forward to is almost here…back to school time! They are already getting things in order to send their little angels back to school for another year and you need to make sure you are the one they are buying from. We sell many products that could easily be marketed as the perfect item to send with their child to school. Not only can you offer great products for students, but for teachers as well. What better way to get the school year started than with a gift for their child’s awesome new teacher?
Some great products for students are our bottles, laptop and iPad cases, bag tags, messenger bag, shoulder laptop bag, notebooks, binders, and backpacks
For teachers, some useful products are mousepads, a desk sign, note holder, clipboard, memo clips, ceramic pen holder, name badges, and lanyards.
Personalized products are perfect for school because it is easy to get bags, notebooks, and other things mixed up when all of the kids have similar looking belongings. This is where bag tags really come in handy because they can be used on lunch boxes and backpacks. They can also serve as a reminder on a lunchbox about different food allergies that the child might not know to tell a teacher about.
A large factor that makes parents want to buy personalized items for their kids is the fact that they love it! Kids love having something specially made with their name or initials on it because it makes it seem like the item was made just for them.
Personalized school supplies are more popular with the kids, they are less likely to be lost or stolen, and they are more convenient for the teachers who have to try and send the right things home with the right student.

Make the 2016-2017 school year the best yet with custom sublimated accessories!

The Small, Yet Mighty Name Badge

This idea and these products will provide businesses with high-quality, durable, and attractive name badges. While small businesses can be beneficial and bring you more businesses, the focus should be on mid to large sized companies. Midsized companies typically have approximately 10- 50 employees and large companies have greater than 50. Focusing on larger businesses means they most likely have a higher turnover rate, so even after the large initial purchase, they will still need more badges from month to month.
You should offer full color printing of logos and text and a wide range of background color and font options.
Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) badges can be custom-cut into almost any shape or size. You have the option of magnetic backs to fasten them onto a shirt or a pin with adhesive backing. Using the latest, top of the line printers and heat presses, you are be capable of producing impressive, high-quality, and professional name badges. It will also allow you to have short production times so your clients can get their orders even faster. Production jigs are available which make it easier to press several at once. Just a few of the places that could benefit from this business for example are hospitals, nursing homes, retail stores, restaurants, or companies like UPS or FedEx.
Name Badge
The retail prices for these products range from $5.50- $8.50 but you can buy them at cost from us for $0.41 to $0.88 each. To sublimate a name badge, the ink costs $0.01 per square inch of ink and $0.05 per sheet of paper. That is at least a $4.00 profit on each name badge. You should put your contact information on the back of each badge so that when someone new is being hired, it will be easy for the manager or owner to order a new one. You should offer the option of adding their emergency business contacts to the back of the badge for quick access. Including promotions and special deals on the badges will benefit your customers and you since it will promote their products or services and they will need to order all new badges after the promotion ends. For example, if a restaurant is running a two for one deal the badge could say something like “Ask me about our 2 for 1 entrees” or a bank could have badges that say “Ask me about our new loan rates”. In order to grow your business, you should be getting out and looking for clients instead of assuming they will just come to you. As far as referrals go, you should reward customers that bring you new customers. Offering benefits for customers who refer your services to another company is one of the quickest ways to gain new clients and increase your reputation. Whether you give them a discount on their next purchase or send them free products, they will need incentives and rewards if they are going out of their way to help grow your business.


Beneluxe ImageStand

This is probably one of the most useful personalized products that we offer. Not only are these stands the perfect place to charge your phone, they also provide a hands free way to view your phone, tablet, or iPad whether you are watching movies, a video, or reading an e-book. They are super attractive, convenient, and the collapsible design allows them to be easily stored. They come in several different shapes and sizes, perfect for any of your electronic devices.

Landscape ImageStand

Our ImageStands can also be great time savers, instead of stopping what you’re doing and picking your phone up every time it vibrates, you can set it up on your desk, so a glance is all you need to see if it is of any importance or if it is just another email telling you about this week’s sales at your local grocery store. There is something every smartphone or tablet user can benefit from this product, even customers that are not very tech-savvy can use it as a stand for books, artwork, a photograph, or basically anything they wish. This product is a fabulous gift for all ages and is great for birthdays, weddings, house warming parties, or even as party favors. Need a gift for your co-worker? A matching personalized phone stand and sticky-note holder would be absolutely perfect! Watch our videos for helpful tips at
Design for the ImageStands is also pretty simple. Monograms, chevrons, floral designs, patterns, names, and sports teams are all very popular. I would suggest looking on, where there are numerous examples of this exact product, to see what designs are most popular among customers. You can also visit our new artwork page, to purchase high quality patterns and designs that you can use over and over again!

Sublimation in the Memorial Industry

When it comes to sublimatable products in the Memorial industry, we have a few out-of-the-box items that will allow you to make high quality keepsakes that families will cherish and use to remember their loved ones for years to come. We offer keepsake boxes, ceramic tiles, sublimatable jewelry, glass ornaments and many other substrates that can serve as a reminder of a lost loved one in a classy and respectful way. Not too long ago, headstones and a few photographs were really the only things family members had to remember them by, but as technology advances, so do our expectations, therefore, people are wanting more and more products to honor and respect the lost.

Many customers like personalized items for the funeral, graveside, and to keep after the burial. Funeral shirts are a tradition in some communities where it is customary to get t-shirts made with the deceased loved one’s photograph and name in which everyone wears to the funeral. Some customers like to have an item to leave at the graveside; we see this the most with our ceramic tiles. These tiles look great, however, lawnmowers tend to wreak havoc by throwing rocks and breaking them, so you may want to offer your customers a deal on multiple tiles and warn them of the risk just in case. Our glass plaques are a popular item that some like to put up on their mantel in remembrance. These are so special because a photograph can be sublimated onto the plaque in addition to names, dates, quotes, or whatever they may wish. We also offer subliSLATE, a coated slate plaque with natural edging which is an excellent choice for a photograph.

Another unique thing that has been growing in popularity is sublimating fabric and sewing it into caskets, so for example, if your loved one was a passionate Alabama football fan, you could make it football themed. Some universities like the University of Alabama, offer a crafting license so that it is affordable for small business owners to use their logo. If they enjoyed gardening or flowers, a pretty floral design would be a very special addition. We also offer sublimatable jewelry with an insert that allows you to put a photograph, words, or a design so your customers can keep their loved ones close to them even after they are gone. An aspect of this industry that many don’t think about is that to many people, their pets are their family as well, some get items made to remember their special furry family.

The memorial industry is a profitable one, but also one that may require a little extra work. Grieving customers may be distracted, upset, or indecisive because of their loss, so extra sensitivity and empathy are often required. They may give low-quality pictures or be unsure of exactly how they want to honor their loved one. You will need to take all of this into consideration when factoring up the cost. Speed is also a huge factor in this industry, due to the fact that funerals usually take place no later than a week after a death, the customers will need their orders as quickly as possible. Funeral homes as well as individual friends and family members of the deceased are going to be your main demographic so marketing will need to be less aggressive than it normally would be to maybe a boutique or retailer. Although the memorial industry requires a little more sensitivity and effort, it holds the potential for your business to grow and flourish like never before.

Sublimation & CorelDRAW Tips: Pick & Shape Tools

By J. Stephen Spence


Just finished a new video about using the pick tool and the shape tool in CorelDRAW. If you are new to Corel, you might want to check it out. I expect the veteran users will know this information but then, sometimes things slip by us – I learn something new almost every day and I’ve been using Corel since version 3.


The pick tool is the tool we use to select or move objects on the screen. It can be selected by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the “toolbox” or by tapping the space bar on your keyboard. If you have a very large monitor, you will find the space bar shortcut a real help since it takes at least a couple of movements to get from one side of the screen to the other.


The shape tool is the second in the list of tools in your toolbox and it also has multiple functions. The most common perhaps is selecting a square or rectangular object to change the type of corners it has. There are three options here, the chamfered, scalloped or rounded corners. These can be done in unison or one at a time.


The shape tool also helps us with text as it can allow us to manually kern the letters in a word or alter one or more letters by hold down the shift key and selecting multiple letters. Once selected, the letters can be moved, changed in size or font or the spacing altered with other letters. Holding down the shift key while move text will keep the text on the same baseline.


The shape tool also allows us to add or remove space between letters by using a arrow on the right lower side of the text. Click and drag the arrow left or right to add or reduce space. When there is more than one line of text, the arrow on the left at the bottom of the text will allow you to change the amount of space between the lines of text.


These are simple functions but are some the most commonly used items in Corel and a thorough knowledge of these two tools is vital to getting things done.

Dye Sublimation Imprinting: Using Condé Templates in CorelDRAW

By Sprite McDonald, Conde Graphics Department Manager


Using Conde’s Templates in CorelDRAW will not only insure that your artwork will fit on your substrate, it will also save you time and money on wasted sample presses by getting it right the first time, every time!


Once you have your template downloaded from our website, extract the zip file. I like to save all of my templates into a folder on my desktop for easy accessibility later on.


Next, you can either double click or drag and drop the CDR file into CorelDRAW. If you use the drag and drop, you can place the template straight into the art file that you are working on. If not, just copy and paste the template into the file. Make sure that your artwork is grouped together.


Right click on the artwork and select PowerClip Inside. A big black arrow will show up on your screen. Just point the arrow at the edge of your template and click. Your artwork is now PowerClipped into your template. Now you have the option of editing the PowerClip. You can do this two ways, you can right click on the image and go to Edit PowerClip, or you can look at the bottom of the image and select the Edit button from there.


This will explode your image out of the template so that you can shrink it or enlarge it as needed. Once you are done with your editing, simply right click and click on Finish Editing or click on the box on the bottom of your image and your image will immediately PowerClip back inside your template.


You are now ready to print and press!


For more step by step instructions, check out the video, “Applying Art to Conde Products” on CondeTV.

Conde’s Digital Downloads – How to Change the Colors

by Sprite McDonald, Condé Graphics Art Tech


Today I want to talk about changing the colors of our Digital Downloads. This is a very simple process that can be done in a few easy steps using CorelDRAW.


Once you have your artwork downloaded, unzip the file and double click on the CDR image file. This will open your artwork in CorelDRAW for editing.


Next, just click on the element (like the background) that you want to change the color of with your pointer tool, then click on the color that you wish to change it to. Then, simply click on the next element that you want to change the color of and click on the color of your choice. Just repeat the process until all of the elements in your design are the correct color.


And just like that, you have successfully altered the image to your specifications. Now you can use the same image file multiple times with different colors just by buying one download!


For more information check out the video “Conde’s Digital Downloads – Change the Colors” on

CorelDRAW Tips: Using the Drop Shadow Tool with Text

By J. Stephen Spence


Here’s a tool that few people very use but they should. They don’t use it because it is hiding in plain sight. It is called the Drop Shadow Tool.


It is located in the tool box on the left hand side of the drawing area in Corel. It is hiding under the “Blend Tool”, the fifteenth tool down on the left hand side (at least in newer versions). To get to it, you must click on the tiny black triangle located at the bottom right corner of the Blend Tool.


When you click on that triangle, a flyout menu will appear. About half way down the list is “Drop Shadow”. Click on it.


This opens a new tool bar at the top of the drawing area. You can identify it by the little box with the word, “Presets” in it. Click on the arrow to the right of the word. A flyout menu will appear with a long list of options. Most of the time, what you will want to do, is select one of these presets. The rest will be done automatically.


If the options aren’t what you want, you can create your own shadow manually by clicking on the text you want to add the shadow to. When you do, the tool bar at the top of the page will expand to offer you a number of options. Here you can control the amount of transparency of the shadow, its angle, how sharp the edges are and more.


Can you use this tool with objects other than text? Yes. Absolutely. It works with any OBJECT, including text, clipart, etc. I doubt if you will ever find a way to use it with bitmaps but, who am I to say. Try it on anything that needs a boost.


I use this tool mostly when designing a lot of text on a product. If I want one line to really jump out, I can make it bold, change the font style or size, or I can give it a shadow. Shadows give the illusion of depth so it takes the appearance of a design from flat and two-dimensional to a 3D look.


For a better look at this tool, check out my video on CondéTV called “Working With Drop Shadows”.